City Break : My Top Tips for Budapest

Tips For Making The Most of Budapest

Budapest is one of those places that makes you stand back and say ‘wow’. Hungary’s capital city, resting on the Danube river is just one of those places that makes you feel like a person again. Having travelled there in May,I found myself putting it at the top of my list of places to re-visit and that’s saying something. Although I think you should explore this city however suits you best , here are my top tips !

Prepare to be confused
OK so getting from Dublin to Budapest was a one flight job with little to no hassle along the way. However, on arriving things got a bit confusing. The Currency was a bit tricky to understand straight away which did mean some bickering at the ATM. In Hungary they use Hungarian  Forints (HUF- or Huffs as we called them for the entire trip). My advice would be to look up the exchange rates before heading off and know what amount you’ll need to cover you until you get to your accommodation.
Public Transport
Although on reflection it seems pretty ridiculous , the public Transport can be hard to grasp on the first day of a holiday. The reason for this being.. there are so many options! We stayed near the Oktagon ( which seemed pretty central ) and as soon as we turned the corner from our apartment we were faced with a metro, a tram and buses. knowing which  to get on the first day meant standing around in the heat looking at maps. my advice would be to have a look at how the transport works and where you want to go from the comfort of your air conditioned accommodation.  Also if anyone asks f you want to buy a ticket from them SAY NO as they are selling month old tickets. unfortunately we learnt this the hard way. This website explains the Transport options well.
Eat Eat Eat
Honestly I never really try local food when abroad and usually go on a carb binge for the duration of my holidays. This time I decided I wanted to try all of the Hungarian food I could and It was such a good decision. The first thing that you NEED to try is Langos,
Langos- ‘A Hungarian food speciality, a deep fried Flatbread’. This stuff is pretty much fancy garlic bread so if that’s your thing then this is your thing.
 Chimney Cakes-  A pastry made in the shape of a chimney. These are so good but I found the plainer the better. Go for the cinnamon rather than chocolate.

Goulash- Pretty similar to an Irish stew and incredibly tasty. For the best Goulash go Barack & Szilva Restaurant.

Explore Both Sides
The City is actually split into two .So basically the way we understood it was that most of the restaurants and nightlife and urban living was in Pest where we were staying and Buda was more for sight seeing. So on our second day in Budapest we ventured to Buda for the day. In order to do so we got on the cutest yellow cable cars or ‘trolleys’ to the Danubius and we then crossed the river to Buda. Here’s what we saw when we got there.

My Top Reccomendations
Szimpla Kert- An amazing outdoor market Bar.
And For those of you who like a good drink  I suggest Fröccsteras
Happy Travels!

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